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Apartment rentals have been an important part of our business since 2011.  We have helped hundreds of people in the Greater Boston area lease clean, well-maintained, modern apartments. In our estimation, few real estate agencies have made rentals such a significant part of their business. 


Move-in Fees, Costs and Requirements for Property Rentals


Here is basic information for you to keep in mind as you consider renting an apartment home or other property through us:


1.            Our Role: The Rental Broker assists the property owner in marketing a property, obtaining and reviewing rental applications and preparing leases and related documents; however, the property owner is the decision-maker.

2.            Availability: We attempt to keep our advertisements up to date, but property descriptions, rents, move-in requirements, and other details are subject to change without notice; apartments we advertise may no longer be available.

3.            Screening process: Property Owners look for tenants who demonstrate a desire and ability to pay the rent, conform with terms of the lease and respect their neighbors’ property and right to quiet enjoyment of their own homes. To assist them in that process, we will require your permission to run a credit report, call your current and past property owners for references and review other documentation, including your government-issued photo ID, pay stubs and/or bank statements. Please be prepared to provide this information if you decide to apply. If you have a Section 8 voucher, please bring along the Request for Tenancy Approval form and contact information for the issuing agency.

4.            Application:  Here is a link to our online application  There is a $30.00 application credit report fee payable when you apply.

5.            Broker Fees:  Typically, we charge a Broker Fee of ½ of one month’s rent, payable when you apply and 100% refundable until the property owner accepts your application. If a Broker Fee is payable, we will ask you to review and sign a Broker Fee Disclosure Form when we meet you at the property.

6.            Move-in costs: Most property owners require first and last months’ rent (or first and security) and pro-rated rent for early move-in. Some require first, last and security.

7.            Lease and Related Documents:  The lease is a legally binding document that governs the terms or your tenancy. Please read it carefully before signing.

8.            Breaking your lease:  Be sure you understand what you will need to pay if you terminate the lease early.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to helping you.


We Support Fair Housing


Why Landlords Work with Us

A proven reputation

We completed our first rental in 2011 and have completed hundreds since.

Over the years, Watch City Real Estate has earned a reputation as a leading leasing agency among

landlords and renters alike. We’ve accomplished this by hiring professionals who are intelligent,

motivated and personable. They all support our overall business philosophy: we never focus on short

term profits at the expense of our reputation, and we promise to provide a level of services that will

exceed our customers’ expectations. Importantly, member of team typically reside in the areas where

they work. (When we say, “We know Waltham,” you can be sure we do.)

Many real estate rental brokers work as apartment finding services, showing potential renters dozens of

properties for their consideration. Although there is a thriving market for this service, it is not what we

do. Instead, we work in behalf of a select number of landlords who engage us to find qualified tenants to

fill their vacancies. This allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of each property.

Here’s our typical rental process:

1. We begin with a market assessment of the property or available rental unit. We use various

analytical tools to examine rental market trends and we closely examine ‘competitors’.

2. We usually take our own, professional -quality pictures but can use those provided by a

landlord. When possible, we also create Matterport 3D tours.

3. Once we have worked with a landlord to establish a price, we prepare comprehensive notes that

in turn help us determine the property features and benefits to highlight in our advertising. We

also advise on lease terms.

4. We meet with the landlord to discuss key factors in their applicant evaluation process—credit

scores and history, for example. We do not work with landlords who may wish to unfairly or

illegally discriminate. We know the Fair Housing rules well and can work with you to ensure that

you are also knowledgeable.

5. Many of our renters find us through our own websites, but we also advertise elsewhere. Here is

a partial list of sites we use to market our listings:

• - for sale, for rent • – for sale, for rent in 49 countries • - for

sale, for rent • - for sale, for rent • - for sale, for rent • - for

sale, for rent • - for sale, for rent • - for sale, for rent • -

for rent • - for rent • - for rent • - for rent • -

for rent • - for rent • - for rent • – for rent residential

• – for lease commercial • - for rent • - for rent

• - for rent • - for rent • - for rent • ApartmentGuide

- for rent • - for rent • - for rent • – for residential and

commercial properties* • Craigslist* We may also use Craigslist • Websites via embeddable

widgets • YouTube (via Animoto) • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Instagram • Pinterest •

Loopnet/CoStar for commercial properties

*MLS may be used where the landlord agrees that we may cooperate with other, 3rd

-party brokers to promote a property. Craigslist is also used on selective basis.

Our agents also have their own favored means to promote their listings –personal websites and

Facebook pages, for example.

6. When we receive an inquiry, our first step is to pre-qualify the potential applicant based on the

overall rental requirements. For example, is the rent affordable? Can they come up with all

move-in costs? Who will reside in the rental property? Any pets? How many vehicles?

7. We schedule showings and for those interested we accept applications. We use an online

application designed specifically for us. It is easy to use and once processed it provides a

comprehensive financial profile as well as a report of any criminal convictions and evictions. We

can assist you in reviewing and interpreting the results. It is our practice to require payment of a

deposit along with the application. We hold the funds in escrow until the lease is signed.

8. We provide the background report to you along with the results of reference calls and copies of

government issued ID, pay stubs or other required documents.

9. After a review with you, we notify the applicant of your decision.

10. We prepare leases and related paperwork, coordinate singing and transfer of keys for move in.

We’re landlords ourselves

Several of our team members own commercial or family properties and through this have gained deep,

‘in the trenches’ knowledge of the pressures landlords face day-to-day.

We see success as a journey, not a destination

Any professional—or business—failing to invest in continuous learning is destined to fail. We’re in a

world in which change is a constant; those who don’t understand this are soon wept away.

Understanding this, our principals were part of a small group of landlords and real estate industry

professionals who collaborated to start the Charles River Rental Housing Association, a chapter of MassLandlords.Net.

Our goal is to offer everything you need to be a successful landlord, Through monthly meetings and

seminars, we discuss current issues in the property leasing business and usually have guest speakers

who discuss such topics as Insurance and Tax Planning for Landlords, Property Maintenance, Deleading,

Conflict Resolution, Fair Housing, Buying or Selling Occupied Property and much more.




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